Word of mouth

Get real users to post and recommend your brand on social media.
Real people, real followers nearby your community.

Who we are

We are a startup that helps to connect business with users thru our app. Consumers get benefits for sharing their good experiences following the guidelines of the offers or campaigns that the businesses are proposing. Get connected with your clients, get new followers and REAL customers to promote and improve your business.

The word of mouth of the digital era: Amplyflyer!

Have you ever heard about “influencers”? They are people with thousands or millions of followers on social media and they use this media to promote products or services. Unfortunately, most of them buy fake followers in order to request huge payments in exchange of advertising. Finally brands or businesses are not really able to measure the impact of such campaigns and they are forced to contact advertising monsters in order to get some data about the results.

We propose a simple tool that allows you to get in contact with REAL users of social media FROM YOUR COMMUNITY, giving them the opportunity to talk about your service or product and let others in your community benefit from your offers and services.

What we do

How we do it

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with 6 easy steps where you can describe the offer you want to share, the guidelines for the participants, the market and segment you want to target This will help you shape your offer to the correct target, turning it into what we call your “campaign”.


in our app. Our “amplyflyers” are REAL social media users that thru our app will discover the benefits of your campaigns and they will be encouraged to participate by posting the content you have requested (like a photo or video) in THEIR social media. The content will only be valid if they respect the guidelines you established on your campaign.


This content will go straight from our amplyflyers to their followers who can also get benefits like points and discounts that they will be able to exchange by purchasing your products or using your services. The real ‘word of mouth’ of the digital era has begun.

You can create several campaigns for your different offers or targets and then activate them for the period of time you wish, everything gets adapted to your business needs.

We are the best tool to connect your business with a real audience that will allow you to give your consumers benefits by sharing their good experiences. Easy, automated, without intermediaries! No need to be an expert on digital marketing, we take you by the hand and we accompany your debut to the social media world so you can attract new clients within your community and within your budget.

Become an Amplyflyer

Download our app and start getting benefits for sharing your experience participating in our open campaigns. You only need a real Instagram or Facebook account and be eager to share your experience with your followers.



You love to take a nice picture of your dish at your favorite restaurant? Do you have a romantic photo of a nice cup of coffee in your feed or a family dinner video at your favorite restaurant? Our app is for you!

Download the app, select your interest while creating your profile so we can show you the campaigns that suit your personality, community and lifestyle.



Campaigns are the offers that our customers (business, restaurants, shops, etc) post via our platform to give our amplyflyers the possibility to obtain benefits by posting content (photos or videos) in social media. You don’t have to have thousands or millions of followers neither be an “influencer”. We just want you to share with your real followers like family and friends your best experiences and recommendations so you all can get the best benefits.



Open campaigns: You post in your feed a photo or video and you get your reward by the time of your visit.

InSitu: You come, you post, you get your reward instantly.

Proximity: You look to the campaigns nearby your location, you come, you post, you get your reward instantly.

You can get more than only discounts or free products! Every campaign that you participate on will give you automatically points that you keep in your profile. You can then exchange your points to amplycoins or cash. It all depends how active you are in social media and how much you like to share your experience with your friends.

Let’s say you love sushi and today you’ve decided to get yourself a treat. You go to the app, you search for a campaign in the restaurant category and you find out there is a 10% off on your bill if you post a photo of your favorite roll of the menu. So what are you waiting for? The app will give you the location and even get you there as fast as possible.

You get to the restaurant, you order and you post ( and let’s be honest you’re probably a foodie so you post anyway all your nice meals). Once the post is on your feed thru our app and you followed all the guidelines of the campaign (using hashtags or menti@ns) you will get in your discount code that you can use at the moment you pay your bill. Simple and fast, no emails, no delays.

And we have more! If you are a faithful client (you love the place, you come often and you recommend it on social media) you will get access to predefined campaigns. This means you can post a pre-defined picture or flyers without moving and either way you get the benefits by posting on your social media thru our app. Remember your followers can also receive discounts or other benefits.

Don’t forget that by participating in any campaign you get your reward points that you can later exchange or cash out!

So what are you waiting for? Start sharing and start getting the benefits!

Start Now downloading our app

You can find the Amplyflyer app on Google Play or the App Store. Start Amplyflying and earn amazing rewards!

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